Maritime Gazetteer of Australia

The Maritime Gazetteer of Australia (MGA) is a searchable database containing all the place names used in Australia's official navigational charts, which includes Australian mainland, offshore territories, Antarctica, and Papua New Guinea.

The MGA fields:

  • Feature Name: The name as it appears on the official navigational chart.
  • Feature Type: This shows the code of the feature type which the name represents. For details see the Feature Code Index.
  • Latitude and Longitude: The position of the name on the chart. Note this is not necessarily the position of the feature itself, which may only lie partially on the chart (for example an ocean).
  • Charts on which the name appears.
  • Grouping: This field shows the association of a collection of features to a group (eg: a collection of islands which form an island group).
The MGA does not provide the gazetted geographic position of features