We want to encourage the development and further use of our hydrographic information. To access, reproduce or publish AHO material you must have the Commonwealth's written permission. You must apply for permission via a licence agreement with us.

How to apply for a licence

  1. First, contact us to discuss your request. We will determine if we have material that is suitable for your intended purpose.
  2. We will inform you of the most suitable application process, fees, charges or royalties that may apply. See Pricing for more information.
  3. We will assess your application and inform you of the outcome. Note: We reserve the right to refuse any application for a licence at our discretion.

Your licence will set out what materials you can use and exactly how you may use them.

All AHO publications and material, in whatever form or media, are protected under the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968. See Copyright for more information.

If you need further information about licensing, see Licensing Terms and Conditions. For all enquiries, please contact us: