All AHO publications and material, in whatever form or media, are protected under the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968.

You must have our written permission via a licence, before you can reproduce, modify or publish any of our material.

For more information about obtaining a licence, please refer to the Licensing page.

Use of AHO material

You must not reproduce, modify or derive products, partially or in full, which are based directly or indirectly on the AHO material, without written permission via a licence agreement.

This includes reproductions produced:

    • by hand or by any mechanical or electronic means, or
    • based directly or indirectly on the Commonwealth's material, or
    • from a chart or a document or an electronic file.

Additionally, you must not:

    • supply AHO material or derived products to any other person; or use it for any commercial purpose.
    • import, sell or distribute products derived from AHO material in Australia, that would infringe copyright if they were produced in Australia.

The use of AHO material is subject to our terms of use. Under a licence, we may grant you permission to modify or create derived products from our materials. You also need a licence to distribute, sell or offer a derived product to anyone else. Only in exceptional circumstances will we grant a licence to make reproductions of our material. We reserve the right to refuse any application to do this.

Reproducing AHO material

Reproducing means making direct copies of our material. This includes scanned images or making full or partial copies of electronic files. It also includes making copies with minimal and only cosmetic or non-substantive changes or additions.

Modifying our material

By modifying, we mean altering our material in any way. Under licence, you may be able to modify our materials to:

    • develop or manufacture derived products;
    • update derived products.

Acknowledgments and cautions

You may need to include acknowledgments and cautions on packaging, screen displays, printouts or documentation. We will decide the precise display details and the form of words for these notices on a case-by-case basis.

Advertising and promotion

You must have our permission before you can use or associate our name, or anything else that identifies the AHO, in your advertising or promotion. You cannot make advertisements or publicity that implies that we endorse the results of your work.

If we suspect you are breaching the Copyright Act 1968, or terms of your license agreement or using our material in an unlawful way, we may:

    • immediately end your access to and use of our materials
    • take legal action against you

If you need further information about copyright, licensing or the use of AHO material, please contact us: