Australian Chart and Publication Maintenance Handbook (AHP24)


National and international regulations governing international and many other commercial vessels all require up to date nautical charts and publications.

The Australian Chart and Publication Maintenance Handbook provides information to assist mariners to keep their paper and electronic nautical charts and publications up to date, as well as to keep appropriate maintenance records. By using this book, mariners should be able to meet their obligations to both undertake, and demonstrate, that their official nautical charts and publications are being kept up to date.

The publication includes:

  • Details of Australian Hydrographic Office products and services
  • Guide to Australian Notices to Mariners
  • Symbols unique to Australian paper nautical charts
  • Quick visual reference to common symbols found on nautical charts
  • Guide to read and use tracings to correct a paper nautical chart
  • Guide to updating nautical publications
  • Examples of how to use log sheets to track the update status of charts and publications
  • Guide to understanding the difference between Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems (ECDIS) and Electronic Chart Systems (ECS)
  • Guide to the Australian Electronic Navigation Chart Service (AusENC)
AHP24 Cover

Purchase / Download

The Australian Chart and Publication Maintenance Handbook is published as a PDF publication which may be downloaded from our Product Downloads page.

Chart Correction Log templates are also available from our Product Downloads page in PDF and MS Word formats.


The Australian Chart and Publication Maintenance Handbook is updated via periodic new editions. Mariners will be notified via Notices to Mariners or the eNotices email service if a new edition is released.

Edition 4 is the current version.