AusChartviewerAusChartviewer is a low cost, easy to use application that displays nautical charts in the following international formats:

  • IHO S-63 Protected ENC (including AusENC)
  • S-57 data in unencrypted form
  • AusGeoTIFF

It is a desktop planning and reference tool for those who wish to view nautical charts for shore based applications.

AusChartviewer can not be interfaced with positional equipment such as GPS and Autopilot. However, it provides bearing and distance measurement, route planning functions plus a symbol library and a range of drawing tools that enable users to display their own reference information overlaid on a nautical chart backdrop. Comparing different types of chart data (for example a raster chart and an ENC) in the same geographical area can easily be achieved via a transparency slider.


AusChartviewer is suitable for those who wish to view nautical charts for shore based applications. It is popular with marine research organisations and is used extensively by port authorities and maritime planning and safety organisations.

Because AusChartviewer can not be interfaced with GPS and Autopliot, it is not suitable for navigation. It is not suitable for commercial vessels required to meet chart carriage requirements under SOLAS Chapter V or National Standards for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) regulations.

Where to Buy

AusChartviewer is published on CD-ROM and can be purchased directly from the Australian Hydrographic Office. Please see our Pricing page.



From time to time AusChartviewer upgrades may be released.

The current version of AusChartviewer is version 1.0. Previous versions were released under the banner of 'Seafarer Viewer'.

The main benefits of AusChartviewer version 1.0 over previous Seafarer Viewer releases are:

  • Faster data loading.
  • Seamless display of chart data.
  • Ability to display four independent viewing windows that can view any combination of chart data (for example, RNC and ENC, ENC and AusGeoTIFF etc).
  • Displays AusGeoTIFF.
  • Supports Windows 7 - 32 or 64 bit.
If you wish to find out more about upgrading your Seafarer Viewer application to AusChartviewer, please contact our Licensing Team at


Why is AusChartviewer different from other Electronic Charting Systems (ECS)?

AusChartviewer was developed as a shore-based planning and reference tool to provide access to electronic charts for non navigational purposes. It has powerful data format comparison tools and is useful for marine research, search and rescue, marine accident investigation and Government departmental operational planning. Whilst AusChartviewer includes traditional navigation functions like bearing and distance measurement and a route planning module it will not interface to GPS to display the computer's current position on the surface of a chart.

Most other ECS are developed as navigation tools for use on vessels. They will include navigation functions bearing and distance measurement, a route planning module and a range of other navigational features and will interface to GPS to display your vessel's current position on the surface of a chart. Most will also interface to the vessel's AutoPilot.

System Requirements

The latest version of AusChartviewer (version 1.0) is supported on the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 – 32 bit and 64 bit

It requires a USB port to accommodate a USB security dongle or a computer with a parallel port to accommodate a parallel port dongle.

Demo Version

Try before you buy. A demonstration version of AusChartviewer is available for download from the Product Downloads section of this website.

Alternatively a free demonstration CD is available on request to prospective clients. Enquiries should be directed to