Australian Chart Index

The Australian Hydrographic Office has approximately 1300 chart products. Below you can find some links to our Australian Chart Index that contains lists of Australian Paper Charts, ENC Cells, links to Notices to Mariners, Thumbnail Images and much more.

There are currently two methods of accessing the Australian Chart Index (ACI). There is the Australian Chart Index (ACI) and the Australian Chart Index Application.

Australian Chart Index (ACI)

The Australian Chart Index (ACI) provides both a Paper Chart and AusENC Cell list in an easy to read and navigate text-based format. Each list has links for each chart or cell to provide access to detailed chart information, thumbnail images, Notices to Mariners, AusENC Australia, Voyager, Coastal & Port Packs and much more.

Australian Chart Index Application

The AHO has released a new web service to facilitate the discovery of our charting products (paper charts and ENC) in an easy to use graphical interface that has the option to display our ENC content as background.

With the introduction of this new service, our paper chart indexes (Aus 5000 and Aus 5001) and the GoogleEarth version of the Australian Chart Index will be discontinued.

The Solomon Islands paper chart and ENC indexes (SLB1001 and SLB 1002) will continue to be published as hard copies until further notice.

An online user guide has been linked to the application to facilitate its use.

We encourage users to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements to