Hydrographic Data

The AHO is Australia's national hydrographic authority. We provide Australia’s national charting service. We maintain a collection of current and historic hydrographic material covering Australia's waters.

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We work to ensure Australia's navigation charts are as accurate as possible. Chart users and the community help make this possible. If you have useful information, please share it with us. To provide us with data, or to get more information about providing data, please contact us at datacentre@hydro.gov.au.

Data we hold at the AHO

We have a comprehensive collection of hydrographic data covering Australian waters, including information about:

    • Bathymetry (depth)
    • Under-sea feature names
    • Navigational marks
    • Tides and tidal streams
    • Wrecks

We hold a collection of historic surveys, plans and reports used to create past navigational charts. This information is often useful for:

    • Marine spatial planning
    • Academic research
    • Historic research

How to access our datA and material

To access our published charts, contact one of our chart agents.

Our data and materials may be accessible under licence to support your work.

See Licensing & Copyright for information about how to obtain permission to use our hydrographic material.

The AHO also publishes some data through the AusSeabed Project, which includes:

    • Surfaces from its HIPP surveys
    • Reference surfaces for sensor calibration

For more information, contact us at hydro.licensing@defence.gov.au.