Vision, Mission & Functions


Excellence in the provision of digital hydrographic services and maritime geospatial information


  • To enable safe navigation by providing hydrographic services in accordance with the Navigation Act 2012
  • To enable information superiority for Defence by providing maritime geospatial information

National Functions

  1. Provide hydrographic services to the nation, in accordance with the Navigation Act 2012 by:
    • Providing hydrographic services required by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea;
    • Collecting, compiling and collating hydrographic data;
    • Maintain and disseminating hydrographic and other nautical information and nautical publications, and
    • Maintaining and disseminating nautical charts, including authorising charts for use in Australian waters.
  2. Provide advice to Government on:
    • Standards for hydrographic surveying and nautical information
    • Competency standards for hydrographic surveyors and nautical cartographers, and
    • Strategic oversight of Navy’s hydrographic capability
  3. Support the development of national maritime infrastructure and maritime trade
  4. Support the protection of the marine environment

Defence Functions

Provide maritime geospatial information to Defence to:

  • Enable freedom of manoeuvre in Australia’s maritime domain, and
  • Enable Australian Defence Force assets to exploit the above and below water physical operating environment for strategic, operational and tactical advantage.