National Role

The AHO is responsible for the provision of hydrographic services required by the SOLAS convention.

This means that the AHO must:

  • collect, compile, collate and manage hydrographic data
  • maintain and disseminate hydrographic products, publications and services maintain and
  • disseminate nautical paper and electronic charts, including authorising charts for use in Australian waters.

In fulfilling its role as the national hydrographic authority, the AHO also maintains and publishes the national hydrographic surveying and charting program, HydroScheme. This three-year rolling plan outlines the survey of shipping routes, commercial ports and approaches as well as the production of paper and electronic charts.

At the national level, the AHO participates in a number of conferences / meetings / fora relating to:

  • law of the sea,
  • geodesy,
  • tides and datums,
  • geographic names,
  • navigation services,
  • spatial data management and
  • standards for hydrographic surveys